Brunch Goals featuring Abhi’s Turmeric , Beetroot and Charcoal Sourdough


For a limited time try one of Abhi’s new Organic 100% Sourdoughs.

You can choose from Beetroot, Turmeric or Charcoal, all available now from our South Fremantle retail store or Wholesale for Cafes & Restaurants.

Pictured here is 3 Awesome ideas you can try, thanks to our friends at High Street Dispensary.

Organic Charcoal Sourdough with raw date “Caramel”, fresh Banana, toasted Pecans and Sesame

Organic Beetroot Sourdough with Almond Hummus, roasted mini Roma Tomatoes, fresh Herbs and Sunflower Seeds

Organic Turmeric Sourdough with Cashew “cheese”, Avocado, roasted Mushroom & mini Roma Tomatoes, Pepitas and dried yeast flakes