Brocco-latte anyone?

Abhi's Coffee

We all love healthy food, and Abhi’s is proud to bake the best organic, sourdough and healthy bread in Fremantle, but have you ever wondered if this health obsession is going just a little too far? There’s nothing quite like a cup of hot, rich, golden coffee, and if you sometimes like to sink your […]

Fuelling Freo

Spirited, artsy and just a little zany, there’s no place quite like Fremantle. At Abhi’s we’re proud to be a longstanding part of the Freo flavour and, when we bake, we infuse our breads and cakes with everything we love about this community. Creative, artisan, wholesome and oh-so innovative, you’ll find Abhi’s fuelling the taste of Freo […]

The Happiness Effect: Why Organics Make Us Feel Great

Fremantle Organic Bread

We all know eating organic makes us healthier, but did you know that organic food actually makes us happier too? Researchers from the Melbourne’s La Trobe University and the University of the Basque Country in Spain recently examined people’s emotional responses to eating organic food in a two-part study, with surprising results. The first part […]