Brocco-latte anyone?

Abhi's Coffee

We all love healthy food, and Abhi’s is proud to bake the best organic, sourdough and healthy bread in Fremantle, but have you ever wondered if this health obsession is going just a little too far?

There’s nothing quite like a cup of hot, rich, golden coffee, and if you sometimes like to sink your teeth into an ooey-gooey almond croissant while you’re at it, I really wouldn’t blame you. But now scientists are doing their best to subvert even this, the mildest of vices.

A team of bright sparks at the CSIRO have just announced their latest and greatest invention: broccoli coffee.

Packed with all the fibre, vitamins and minerals that cruciferous vegetables boast, and sporting a green tea flavour in lush, verdant tones, the team has developed a supercharged broccoli power that you can enjoy with your morning cup of joe.

If the idea of broccoli in your coffee makes you feel a little green, you’re not alone. Still, just two spoons of the powder in your espresso will give you the benefits of a whole serve of veggies, something most of us Aussies sorely lack. Farmers are welcoming the development as a way to sell those “ugly” vegetables that nobody wants, and mums Australia-wide are beaming with pride.

Sure, it’s a timid step on the slippery slope to soup, but for anyone committed to healthy living, broccoli coffee may be just the way to go.

The first café – a Melbourne affair – has stepped up to serve the brew, and you know it won’t be long before the heady scent of broccoli envelopes Freo’s Cappuccino Strip.

What will become of the humble cup of coffee, friend to frantic students, pooped parents and willing workers everywhere? Will the green avenger soon seize pride of place at Abhi’s South Fremantle bakery?

When broccoli coffee comes to Freo, will you take the plunge? Only time will tell.