A Seasonal Favorite and Something NEW!

As the title might suggest, Fruit Mince Pies are returning soon to Abhi’s Bread. Again this year we will be making both the Original and the Spelt Fruit mince Pies. YAY! We also have a new baby. Baby Turkish rolls that is.  Available now is our Organic Baby Turkish roll. Made from West Australian Organic […]

The Infamous Lamington: Tea, Scandal and International Espionage

JR Smythe's Summer Pantry, complete with half-eaten lamington

What could be more innocent than a sumptuous sponge smothered in chocolate and shredded coconut? Plenty. As it turns out, nothing’s innocent these days. Not even the humble lamington. For years Australians considered the lamington a national treasure, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade listing it as an Australian icon, on par with meat […]

Why do we choose gluten free?

Gluten free banana bread

Gluten free eating began as a treatment for celiac disease, with spectacular results. But as more and more people have grown interested in eating well, the number of us choosing GF diets is far greater than the number suffering celiac disease. So why do so many people go GF? A group of researchers, hungry for […]