Abhi’s Bread Home Delivery

Our delivery service IS LIVE !!!!!

We are doing Monday to Friday Deliveries for Fremantle and Neighbouring suburbs.

We decided to start this service for all those people at high risk from Covid-19 that do not wish or cannot leave their house.
We also have partnered with Twig & Sparrow Cafe to act as a collection point for orders to the East and 96 Degrees as a collection point to the North.
Orders in BEFORE 2pm
Phone :9331 4425
Email: orders@abhisbread.com.au
Your order must include:
Your name , Address, phone number and order.
Italian Country $5.5
Dark Rye $6.5
Traditional White Sourdough $7
Wholemeal 5 seeded loaf $6
Classic Ciabatta $5
Panini Sandwich Loaf $6
Wholemeal sandwich Loaf $6
Multigrain Sandwich Loaf $6
Gluten Free Vienna with seeds (GF by Ingredient) $9.5
Rye Sunflower Sourdough Tin Loaf $8
Turkish rolls (4Pack) $4
Hot Cross Buns (6pack) $7.5

Check out our product catalog for pictures of these items
Coffee by POUND COFFEE ½ kg / 1kg beans or gnd $20/$35
Pick up only (Pre ordered)

Northern Suburbs (7am – 1pm SHARP)
96 Degrees (117C Flora Terrace, North Beach)
Eastern Suburbs (7am – 2pm SHARP)
Twig & Sparrow (1/7-9 Woodpecker Ave, Willetton)