Not Cross Buns

After much investigation about the origin of hot cross buns to write a little something about , I came across the NOT CROSS BUN .

This variation has a smiley face instead of a cross , a variation first sold commercially by Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses in Australia in 2014 in a response to supermarkets selling the buns as early as Boxing day .

The smiley face is a reference to being “ not cross” or “not angry “

Then 6 weeks before Easter would change them to crosses to relate to the traditional meaning.

You can retrieve all the information on Wikipedia – “//”

Whatever the meaning the smiley little faces are a great way to put a smile on any ones face,

After many requests for a choc chip version of our buns will be making a few batches “ not cross”this Easter

Available at Abhis Bread South Fremantle and our Farmers Markets at Stirling and Manning this weekend

19th and 20th March ! Be quick before they sell out !

Happy Easter