Weight Loss the Caraway Way: The Nutritional Science Behind Caraway Seeds

Abhi's German Rye Caraway Bread

If you’re concerned about what goes into your food, you’re not alone. In fact, Australians are one of the leading consumers of super foods in the world. Now research shows the humble caraway seed offers unique health benefits, and a solution for women wanting to achieve a healthy weight.

You’ll find caraway used in traditional cooking throughout Northern Africa, Western Asia and Europe. It’s most popular in Germany, where caraway is added to aid the digestion of everything from sauerkraut to potato dishes, onion tarts and, of course, bread.

This tasty seed comes jam packed with antioxidants and an incredible array of vitamins and minerals.

Here’s what caraway has to offer:

  • Fibre. Just 100 grams contain your entire daily dose.
  • Calcium, which strengthens your bones.
  • Iron and copper, to help your body make red blood cells.
  • Potassium, for heart health.
  • Zinc, to aid body growth and development, assist digestion and help you deal with stress.
  • Essential vitamins A, C, and E, as well as many from the B family.

While traditional cooks have long understood the benefits of caraway, the forgotten hero is finally starting to gain the international attention of scientists, due to its powerful antioxidant and weight loss properties.

This year an international team of researchers from France, Lebanon and Latvia put caraway to the test. They found that simply adding caraway to bread increases the antioxidant power and nutritional quality of the bread.

A second study, conducted back in 2013, showed even more startling results. In this triple-blind study, scientists from Malaysia, Iran and the USA examined the benefits of caraway for women in maintaining a healthy weight. The recruits were split into two groups: those who took a caraway extract, and those who took a placebo.

Three months later, the treatment group showed a significant reduction in weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, and waist-to-hip ratio, compared with placebo group, and all without making any other dietary changes.

At Abhi’s we’re passionate about what goes into our breads. Abhi’s German Rye Caraway bread is hand baked using traditional German methods and the finest ingredients to create an authentic taste. If you care about your health, you’ll know what we mean.

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