The Happiness Effect: Why Organics Make Us Feel Great

Fremantle Organic Bread

We all know eating organic makes us healthier, but did you know that organic food actually makes us happier too?

Researchers from the Melbourne’s La Trobe University and the University of the Basque Country in Spain recently examined people’s emotional responses to eating organic food in a two-part study, with surprising results.

The first part of their research involved a survey of the subjective effects of eating organic food on 600 Spanish women and men. The results were startling. The team discovered that eating organic food significantly increased subjects’ perceptions of vitality and long-term overall mood. Interestingly for this study, the more interested in their health a participant was, the more they benefitted.

The sneaky researchers then tried a second test with 160 more Australian uni students. They divided their subjects into groups and told half they were drinking organic orange juice, instead giving both groups the same non-organic juice. Again, the group believing they were consuming organic juice experienced a far greater improvement in their feelings of wellbeing.

Organic food has long been recognised as having physical health benefits, being higher in vitamin C, magnesium, iron and phosphorus and lower in nitrates and pesticide residues than its non-organic counterpart. But what this research shows is that eating organic affects us in two ways beyond these health benefits: cognitively and emotionally. The researchers found that the feel good factor comes in part from the knowledge that we’ve made a healthy choice, and feeling healthier, in turn, leads to an actual improvement in our overall health.

At Abhi’s, we pride ourselves on choosing only the best ingredients for our breads, and our organic white and wholemeal flours are happily in pride of place. And, at least here in Fremantle, it shows – you should see the grins on our faces come lunch time!

You can read the full study here: