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Like most good things, Abhi’s Bread started from humble beginnings. In 1994 we had a tiny kitchen, a baker, his 25-year-old sourdough starter, and his bicycle. Our founder baked honest, handmade bread three days a week and rode around Fremantle on the rest, delivering fresh loaves to locals.

While much has changed (we traded in the bike for some delivery vans), much remains the same. We still use the same 2000-year-old techniques we started with – so we can bake honest sourdough with no preservatives, additives or nasties. We still serve up healthy, organic bread from our cafe in South Fremantle. And we’re still committed to using high-quality local ingredients to handcraft organic bread.

Now, we’re delivering that perfect, healthy loaf to all Western Australians.

We’re continuing to support local businesses and farmers how we know best: we source all of our ingredients from Fremantle’s mainstay suppliers – including Kakulas and Miller’s Mills. And we only use wheat flour grown in WA.

Under the direction of Swiss-born baker Heinz Muller, we’ve expanded to become a big family of bakers, pastry chefs and salespeople. The mantra that keeps us rolling? Don’t take life too seriously, and eat good bread!

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